The Born Again Experience USA
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The BAE USA  Study Guide
Print this guide and complete it as you listen to the message

The Born Again Experience Study Guide


Listen to the message while completing this guide.



  1. Romans 3:23 reveals one of the three reasons given for the NEED to be born again. It says for all have ________________ and come short of the glory of God.


  1. In John 3:5 Jesus reveals the two elements or parts of the Born Again Experience, they are to be born of ______________ and __________________________


  1. According to Jesus, is this experience NECESSARY to enter the Kingdom of God? __________


  1. The two key scriptures defining the Born Again Experience are John _______ & Acts __________


  1. What does Ephesians 4:5 say? ______________________________________________________


  1. Where are the necessary elements of the new birth –water and Spirit in John 3:16? __________________________________________________________________________________


  1. James 2:19 says that the _________________________ also believe.


  1. The Ethiopian eunuch made a “confession of Christ” but this was a requirement before he could be _________________________________


  1. Acts 22:16 shows us the proper time and place to call upon the name of the Lord for salvation. It is in _________________________ to wash away our sins


  1. What scripture or scriptures instruct us to accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior in order to be Born Again? _____________


  1. According to The Bible then, what is the first element of the Born Again Experience involve? _______________________________________________________________________________


  1. Every Baptism performed in the New Testament was performed in the name __________________?


  1. The second element of being born again is being born of the ______________


  1. In John 7:37 Jesus said that out our belly (innermost being) would flow rivers of living: ______________


  1. According to Rev. 17:15 tongues are symbolized by _______________________________


  1. In Acts 2:38 we are told we will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. THAT word on the Greek is DOREA and means _____________________________________ now, in 1 Cor 12 where the gifts of the Spirit are discussed; that word gift is: char-is-mah which is __________________________


  1. So then, according to the Word of God the Born Again experience is being __________________ in the name of ________________________ and, receiving the gift of the _______________________ with initial evidence of _______________________________________________________
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