The Born Again Experience USA
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The Mission

What if we as Apostolic-Pentecostal ministers were permitted to preach only one message?

What must it be?


I believe it would be the Born Again Experience – that is John 3:5 and Acts 2:38 showing that the birth of the water is baptism in Jesus name & the Birth of The Spirit is receiving The Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues….


We no doubt are living in the last days, perilous times are upon us – it seems our time is short so there is an urgency to get this apostolic message out to every community of the USA. I believe that is why God is calling me to this mission – to take this message of the born again experience into every state!


How would this be done?


·            I will travel throughout the US distributing copies of the CD “The Born Again Experience”. Trays containing 10 -15 CDs (free for the taking) will be left in businesses and public facilities (with permission). This will be done in hundreds of communities across the nation.

·            Sponsoring ministries and churches will be placed in a locator on our web site  so that visitors to the site can find that local church in their area.

·            Upon invitation I would visit churches to:

o        Present this message in a special service and believe God to save souls

o        On or before the day of the service I will place CD trays in various places in the host community recording each location for follow up by the local church

o        Equip the ministry & saints with this powerful tool as seen fit by the local church leadership

o        If so desired I can stay on to conduct soul reaching church building revival services.


(Also, as God directs minister to lost, homeless, hurting and destitute people which may be encountered along the way – pointing them to Jesus Christ and connecting them to nearby Apostolic churches).


How can you help fulfill this mission?


·            Host a special Born Again Experience USA service. And as stated I will distribute CDs throughout your community and leave you with a list of the locations for follow-up – my Ph # (607) 661-5345

·            Invite everyone you know who needs to repent, be baptized in Jesus name & receive the Holy Ghost

·            Contact fellow ministers to attend the service or better yet, host their own

·            Pray

·            Support the mission financially with a one time offering or become a monthly partner (for two years)


Note there is no “charge” to come to your local church. We would only ask that you give us an offering as you would for any visiting speaker, missionary or evangelist and if possible provide us up to two nights lodging


I  have pastored for 20+ years and currently oversee four churches (Abundant Life Ministries - see our web site in upstate NY and am pastor of Bibleway Community Church in Barrie Ontario ( I have ministered in various US locations as well as Canada, Mexico, Iceland, England, Scotland and Ireland. Also, I have served as presbyter in the Greater New England District of The Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ. I am very happily married to my best friend Carolyn and we have four grown children and two grandchildren. I would be very happy to provide ministerial references upon request


Interested? Please contact me @ (607) 661-5345 or I would love to speak with you


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